Hey Kriss,

That's all very interesting and def a must have information, so investors can make up better decisions on which exchange to use.

I have an account at Nexo, Kraken, Coinbase & Binance, but I've recently transferred all my funds from Nexo to Kraken & Binance with fear of something happening to Nexo. But am considering now removing all my funds from Binance too.

Between Kraken & Coinbase, what are your opinion on these 2? are they trustworthy? and between the 2, which would you recommend more?

Thanks :)

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Coinbase has higher fees, but also Kraken has high fees if you use it from mobile app, but in my opinion both Kraken and Coinbase are good choices in terms of safety, if you need to use an exchange at all. Hardware wallets like trezor or ledger should be used for storing crypto, and exchanges only when you need to buy or sell something. If you want lowest fees - Kraken from a desktop browser is the way to go.

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