This blog/newsletter is about high-risk investments: P2P platforms, crypto, stocks and other ways, how to invest money and generate high return. Of course, that comes with high risk and with my reviews, ratings and examples I will try to show, what I am doing to avoid bad decisions and huge losses.

This project was started after collapse of Kuetzal. Many investors were worried, if the same thing can happen to other P2P platforms? So I reviewed a similar platform and asked this question: “Can Envestio be next?”. A week later Envestio was shut down.

After more research I found out that there are several other P2P platforms, all coming from Baltics - that have big problems with transparency, impossible promises and many naive investors, who don’t ask any questions and hope everything will be fine.

My view is that Kuetzal and Envestio just got the ball rolling and it will get much more worse. Many people will lose lot of money, and many bloggers will turn out to be complete idiots, who will not only get negative return on their investments, but also “help” their audience do the same just to get some referral commissions.

If you don’t want to take part in the “dumb money“ party that will end like Titanic, check P2P platform ratings and try to understand, how bad the situation really is, but even more important - don’t rely on bloggers for financial advice - some of them will sell even their mother just to get faster to “financial independence“.

Can you trust me?

No. Don't trust me, I am not a journalist and not a financial advisor. I make mistakes and I am biased. You should be skeptical about anything you read when it comes to investing - including this blog as well.

Everything available in this blog is for informational purposes only and shouldn’t be seen as any kind of advice. Remember - whatever investment choices you make, you will bear all the consequences, so do your own research and make sure that you are confident in your decisions.

Potential conflict of interest

  • I am a shareholder in MaxTraffic that has clients from lending sector

  • I invested 2k EUR in Mintos crowdfunding campaign

  • I made a 2k EUR bet that Crowdestor investors will get a negative return

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Sometimes I get asked for opinion about investing. If you think I can help, feel free to reach out.

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