P2P platform ratings - March 2020

I am excited to announce the second version of P2P platform ratings - this time I used not only “feelings“ to assign colors, but also some questions to check, if platform is regulated, transparent, trustworthy and so on.

All questions are divided in 2 parts:

  1. First 22 questions: can gain points (from 0 to 2)

  2. Last 25 questions: can lose points (from 0 to -2)

Of course, this system is not perfect - some questions are more important than others, but I will try to keep things simple and as there are 47 questions in total - if platform has lot of issues or is good in general, then overall it should have a corresponding rating.

Results can be seen in a Google Sheet document or below:

From maximum 44 points only 3 platforms received at least half of that: Estate Guru, Mintos and Twino, but 7 platforms got even negative scores.

According to my biased view - investing in P2P is like walking on a minefield and if you will try to “diversify“ among as many platforms as possible, you will have the same result as most of P2P bloggers - a blown up portfolio and negative returns.

So my advice - be careful when selecting a platform where to invest. And if you look for something “safe“, then avoid P2P platforms in general or wait couple of years.

Final results for those, who like colors and letters:

Want to see other platforms included? Write in comments.

Update on 07.03.2020

Several changes have been done in Google Sheet document, so please check that for the latest version. Some mistakes are fixed and ratings updated:

  • FastInvest has 2-factor authentication (+2)

  • Several investors + Twino themselves say that liquidity is good, I had used them a long time ago, will test again to verify, added 1 point instead of 0 in all questions about liquidity (+3)

  • Wisefund had several bank & management changes (-4).

Update on 08.03.2020

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