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I remember seeing their blog income explained a long time ago, by mid 2018. I didn't take any screenshot, but I clearly remember his blog/link promotion income being consistently above 10,000 euros per month. So I bet your numbers are pretty damn accurate.

At the end of the day, a huge part of his wealth come from affiliate links and blog promotion, not from investing.

May we say he is an investor? You judge yourself. Is he a businessman running an online business? Absolutely.

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You could extrapolate the income from the visitor numbers of his blog. In Oct 2018 he claimed that the convesion rate is around 3%: https://forum.mustachianpost.com/t/how-much-money-you-make-on-your-blog/1317/12

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Hello, I think this is a good time to keep together and stay strong.

First of all I think we should gather some more people that can be affected (or frauded/cheated) by Grupeer as well.

First step should be, as Sebastian (https://www.hobbyinvestor.de/) recommended, make screenshots of your investments, profile as well as export your data to CVS Excel file.

Please send me your email, full name and country of residence, I'll try to gather as many people as possible.

Take care,

Tomasz from Poland

tchlopek [xxx] gmail com

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Funny thing is that a lot of people asked him what he thinks about a financial crisis and how hard the P2P platforms will be affected. He always said that less than stock market...and in his last "monthly update" he is worried about the P2P sector during this financial crisis.

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how extremely stupid are you?

"I have been a P2P investor for many years and have followed Jørgen for a long time. He may not take responsibility for his actions, but I count him 100% responsible for my losses in Envestio and Kuetzal. I am furious at how he refuses to apologise to the people he influences. "

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Thanks, nice summary. I originally thought he'd be in the negative (lost amount higher than aff. commission) but this article made me think again. He's even paying Google Ads which convert pretty well. It would be nice to get some numbers (in general) from CircleWise.

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No wonder they block your posts you are discrediting the bloggers who are the admins of all those FB groups 😃

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