Crowdestor rates : to be good to be true ?

Probably but not for all projects.

Crowdestor give some answers about this high rate projects :


Personally I have mixed feelings, and I know that I meet one day or another a default project or retarded.

At the beginning I just invested in projects look good for me like forest, movies, energy.

Not sure all will be repaid as well... hope yes

Since few months I made a different strategy, I'm invested in loans which have an interest and principal paid monthly with a maximum period of 12 months.

If something going wrong I don't lose all my money.

Need to analyse it, and go back to you next year to valide the strategy and the platform.

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Has anyone used the "Sell" function in Crowdestor? It's available when you navigate to "My investments".

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I was once involved in the recovery of a defaulted fixed asset bond. the recovery rate was 12,5%. Also if I look at my old Bondora loans, more than 50% recovery is unrealistic.

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What I found funny is that Wisefund seems to be paying on time nowadays. Fertilizer project had a small payment out of sent funds recently.

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