El Camino de Santiago – Day 2

Got up just in time to leave at 8. This is how our albergue looked like – beds had sheets and pillows, but no blankets, so you need to use a sleeping bag or your clothes for cover. The owner did not ask for payment, you could make donations, and in these cases people usually donate 5 EUR.

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El Camino de Santiago – Day 1

In previous day we went to the albergue in Irun and received our pilgrim passports. You need it to stay overnight in albergues – special hostels for people, who walk or bike one of the Camino routes. In each albergue you need to show your pilgrim passport, and you get a stamp and date, when you visited it. This way the owners of albergues can verify that you are a “real” pilgrim – who is going the Camino way, and not a tourist who just wants to stay in an albergue.

Checked out of hotel at 9, went to city centre for breakfast and groceries, and then searched for the starting point of Camino – bridge from Irun to France. At first tried a road that ended in an interesting place:

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