10 things to do in Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Last week I went on a short vacation to Lanzarote, Canary Islands. The island is quite small, but for 1-2 weeks it has plenty of activities to do, so here I will share some ideas that I enjoyed in case anyone else wants to go to Lanzarote as well.

Fligts, maps, car rental, hotels

Cheap flights: highly recommend to check out – easy & fast to find dates and places that you might be interested in. We got our flights for only 125EUR/person in both directions.

Maps: download offline areas for Google Maps & also download app – for many places it has more detailed info about dirt roads and smaller paths.

Car Rental: avoid big brand companies – they have very bad reviews, instead try out a local company called AutoReisen – very good service, prices & reviews. And that was our experience as well – 100EUR for car rental for 7 days, no security deposits, insurance included, no issues with the car.

Hotels: you can check out or if you find something interesting in – try to book the same place directly, that will be 10% cheaper. We changed places almost every day, but the island is quite small and if you have a car, you can easily stay in the same place all the time.


Preparing for the Camino del Norte

The last time I was in Spain, I spent most of the days climbing mountains together with a group of people lead by Luzumpunkts. This time I want to ride more than 1000km on a bike through whole Spain – from the east border with France till the ocean in Fisterra, and then continue to Vigo.

A part of the plan is to do the Northern Route of Camino de Santiago – which starts in Irun and finishes in Camino de Compostela, it runs for some 850km, but we won’t stop there – we also want to see the fantastic coastal views in Fisterra, and then move south to Padron and finish our trip in Vigo, where we will spend 3 days on the beach.