El Camino de Santiago – video

Last July together with Kristine we did a 2 week & 1000km trip with bikes from Irun (border of Spain and France) to Fisterra, and I wrote some posts about the first days of our experience in category El Camino de Santiago.

If you read them, these posts and photos gave some insights, but I am sure that video will work much better. So I am happy to be able to finally publish it and share some of the amazing sights we saw while doing the Camino del Norte route with bikes.

El Camino de Santiago – Day 5

Today we had several possible routes – some were longer, some shorter. As we were not following our original plan and lagged behind, we chose the easiest and shortest routes, that allowed us to get to Santander in one day and included 2 boat rides over rivers.

The weather was cloudy, but with no rain. In first part of day we passed some small towns. In one of them we stopped at a supermarket to buy breakfast – our favourite food was a baguette with tuna and Mini Oreo cookies.

In one town we saw an interesting view – looked like a construction site turned into a goat farm.

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El Camino de Santiago – Day 4

There was a small issue with one of the bikes, so in the morning we visited a bike service shop. The owner did not speak english, but understood what we wanted from our gestures and in few minutes we were ready to go to Portugalete. We got there quite fast – no mountains, just flat city roads.

The top thing in Portugalete is a suspension bridge over the Nervión. It is a unique structure, it is the only one of its kind in the world, you get on a small platform – and then it is moved to the other side of the river.

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El Camino de Santiago – Day 3

There was a storm in the night, but the morning was very calm and sunny. The road to Gernika was through forests and small towns. When we passed this donkey, we met an old lady who was also walking the Camino – she was taking a break, but when we took our break – she passed us, and then after a while we passed her again.

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El Camino de Santiago – Day 2

Got up just in time to leave at 8. This is how our albergue looked like – beds had sheets and pillows, but no blankets, so you need to use a sleeping bag or your clothes for cover. The owner did not ask for payment, you could make donations, and in these cases people usually donate 5 EUR.

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El Camino de Santiago – Day 1

In previous day we went to the albergue in Irun and received our pilgrim passports. You need it to stay overnight in albergues – special hostels for people, who walk or bike one of the Camino routes. In each albergue you need to show your pilgrim passport, and you get a stamp and date, when you visited it. This way the owners of albergues can verify that you are a “real” pilgrim – who is going the Camino way, and not a tourist who just wants to stay in an albergue.

Checked out of hotel at 9, went to city centre for breakfast and groceries, and then searched for the starting point of Camino – bridge from Irun to France. At first tried a road that ended in an interesting place:

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Preparing for the Camino del Norte

The last time I was in Spain, I spent most of the days climbing mountains together with a group of people lead by Luzumpunkts. This time I want to ride more than 1000km on a bike through whole Spain – from the east border with France till the ocean in Fisterra, and then continue to Vigo.

A part of the plan is to do the Northern Route of Camino de Santiago – which starts in Irun and finishes in Camino de Compostela, it runs for some 850km, but we won’t stop there – we also want to see the fantastic coastal views in Fisterra, and then move south to Padron and finish our trip in Vigo, where we will spend 3 days on the beach. Continue reading Preparing for the Camino del Norte