Kur ņemt hipotekāro kredītu? 1. daļa – DNB banka

Tie, kas ir saskārušies ar kredīta ņemšanu nekustamā īpašuma iegādei, droši vien zin – ka izvērtēt un salīdzināt banku piedāvājumus nav viegli. Lai nedaudz vienkāršotu šo procesu pārējiem, aprakstīšu – kā man gāja un kam jāpievērš uzmanība. Šajā gadījumā runa ir par kredītu ap 50k EUR vērtam īpašumam, tātad – ja pirmā iemaksa būtu 20% jeb 10k, tad kredīta summa sanāktu 40k EUR.

DNB piedāvājums

Fiksētie % Papildus % Komisija
1.89% 3 mēn. EURIBOR + MFL 1%

DNB bija viszemākā fiksētā % likme un to piedāvāja samazināt vēl par 0.2%, ja noformētu kredīta maksājuma apdrošināšanu.

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How I lost $3700 and made $1500 with 3x leveraged ETFs

Long $UWTI

When I opened my DNB Trade account in 2015, my first trades were a bit crazy, among them:

  • $YHOO –  lost only 4%, but should not have touched it at all
  • $NBG – National Bank of Greece, lost only 25% (now delisted)
  • $CHAD, $CHAU – ETFs with 2x leverage that follow CSI 300 Index
  • $SUNE, $ZINC, $VRS – lost nearly 100%, delisted or went bankrupt

I tested my risk tolerance by starting with the most risky stuff I could find and when I got burned, moved to more safe things like sector ETFs with no leverage.

My most expensive lesson was from buying $UWTI – where I managed to lose about 80%, which amounted to more than $3700:

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How to avoid high fees when investing in stocks?

My experience with banks

I did my first stock trades in 2009 – used Swedbank and bought stocks in Baltic stock market. Later I also made couple of trades in US market, but was not happy about it. Paying $25-27 per each trade seemed too high. If I invest $1000 in one company and pay $50 in commissions to Swedbank, then I need to get at least 5% return just to cover trading fees. Not cool. Spent 250 EUR in fees.


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First option trade: Herbalife

After I spent about 1 month opening a trading account in Norvik bank, on October 25th I finally bought my first options. I chose Herbalife PUT options with the longest term and with the lowest strike price that were available: $35 strike price, expire date: 2019-01-18

Screenshot 2016-11-02 23.48.27.png

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Latvia’s ghost town Skrunda-1

Since Feb 2016 it is possible to legally walk around Skrunda-1 ghost town in exchange for 4 EUR entrance fee. It is a 2h drive from Riga, so I recommend to start early.

We climbed roofs and explored the abandoned buildings for 3h, but managed to see maybe 50%, so you can easily spend the whole day there. Take good shoes and be careful – I ripped my jacket on a nail, and there are broken glasses everywhere. Some photos below:

Photo 27.03.16 15 19 52

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