Want to lose money fast? Just follow these blogs

Is the P2P party just getting started or what? Kuetzal, Envestio, Monethera have shut down, Grupeer is still burning, but without much hope. So how are P2P bloggers doing? Let’s find out.


When I started looking at the blogs, who promoted shady P2P platforms, the picture was not that bad. Although 68% of the bloggers lost money in Kuetzal, on average it was only 3.1% of their portfolio:

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Situation got much worse after Envestio - when it shut down, 100% of bloggers lost money and the average losses climbed to 14.3%:

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Monethera & Grupeer

And with 2 more platforms going down on Friday, the losses are just increasing. The average loss is already -20.04%:

Note that I added 2 more popular P2P bloggers:

  • crowdlendingrocks.eu likes to do live visits Jorgen style

  • colminey.com is the guy, who tells everyone else not to raise panic

Both lost money in Envestio and Grupeer.

Why are P2P bloggers so bad at investing?

Some have no idea what they are doing, but in general there is a big problem with conflict of interest. Many want to clone Jorgen’s business model - promote as many P2P platforms as possible, with focus on those that promise high returns, unbelievable guarantees and pay high affiliate commissions. Of course - nothing is free, and typically it means to promote either bad investments with very high risk or scams.

In the end investors and bloggers will lose money from their “investments”. But if you are a blogger and can make much more from affiliate income, the business model still works. Just look at Jorgen - he has lost 20%, almost 80k EUR - but still can afford to live without a job and a portfolio worth over 300k EUR. Thanks to all the investors who followed his advice, clicked on his affiliate links and lost money just like him.

How to avoid losing money?

  1. Check my ratings - they might help to find answers to important questions, but don't rely on that alone, do your own research.

  2. If you have doubts, don't invest. Don't try to find reasons why “it will be fine“, do the opposite - if you see some red flags, skip it.

  3. In stock market diversification makes sense, in unregulated & risky P2P platforms - it does not. Spend more time on due diligence and invest in less platforms, but have more confidence about where you place your money. 2-3 good platforms is a much better idea than 10-15 random platforms from which half will collapse later.

What do affiliate networks think about investors?

The most popular affiliate solution used by Baltic P2P platforms is Circlewise / Target Circle, they are also organising Riga’s P2P Conference. I was invited to participate as a speaker, but because I am critical of bloggers and according to Karlis Levensteins words - “destroying this industry“, then I got uninvited yesterday with these texts:

Kristaps as we all liked your critics at the start (we even wanted to invite you to p2p conference but you got nothing but ban looks like) and hate what has happened right now and this time you are not right blaming other not guilty people. Not talking here about criminals and fraud. 

Well well, Kristaps I think it's your time to fuck off if you want to do business someday in an ethical way... Let's see why and answer questions your self:

First of all your comments and actions are in criminal law under blackmailing and you can get up to 5 years about this  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackmail

1. Why you are scammer: not because of the critical point of view, not because you want to do good and lead by example, but because you are con man https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confidence_trick

2. Can you show Kristaps your all bank account statements with your business income, family,  investments and crypto farms? Are your Max traffic business regulated and bitcoin Crypto farms? If you are this high telegram transparent influencer?

3. 2. Can you show Kristaps your all bank account statements with your business income, investments and crypto farms? And why would you? There is specific law protecting even it for your information. 

4. Kristaps you know that you can get sued as well for this?

5. We all won't be so arrogant in your case

6. Answer simple question Kristaps why you blackmail other people and neighbor instead of chase Criminals and own to local TAX agency with your business and do investments still?

Why was Karlis so angry? His comment and context described below:

An interesting way to do business from his side. He was happy to invite me to his conference because I have a big following of investors, but as soon as I was not behaving well in Telegram according to his standards and calling out a blogger on his bullshit, then Karlis thinks - it is a good idea to call me a scammer and con man?

According to my info, I have saved some investors from losing more money in shady platforms, but Karlis and his company Circlewise / Target Circle is happy to cooperate with any P2P platform that comes to them - Kuetzal, Envestio, Monthera, Grupeer - all used their solution & their access to publishers. And as long bills are paid, who cares - what later happens to investor money, right?

They not only ignore all the red flags and problems and don't do any research on platforms that they promote, but even have Grupeer as one of their main sponsors for their conference. So who is the scammer here?

2 speakers from Grupeer, 3 speakers from their own affiliate company, couple of bloggers. What a nice way to spend 250 EUR for ticket - listen to guys, who will:

  • promote shady platforms

  • help you lose money

  • meet bloggers, who lost money in Envestio & Grupeer

You think I am joking about “losing money“? Just check out what Karlis answered to one of investors:

Of course, I am not making many friends in this “industry“ by being critical of bloggers, platforms and affiliate platforms, but if it helps others to avoid bad decisions, it is good enough for me. I am happy to received feedback like this:

Hello Kristaps, thank you for uploaded that picture with the comment of Karlis to me. He deserves!! 

Despites people say about you, i think you are doing a great job digging in theses shit platforms. For me it was late to withdraw the money from Grupeer when i saw your rating (because it was already invested), but at least i could take the money from fast invest, and that's was thank to you! Thank you!

I really aprecciate your point of view, and I also think that is neccesary to point those people who still promotes promocional links like Jorgen because, he does not give a shit about the rest of the people! 

You have my support!

Key takeaways

  1. P2P bloggers have no idea about investing and promote shady platforms

  2. Affiliate platforms don't care about investors, will sell you anything

  3. Diversification in P2P does not work

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