Neowintech review - same scam, different name?

I’ve written a lot about IBAN Wallet scam and it is hard to understand why it is still active, but the team behind it is obviously not ready to stop and instead is launching new websites to keep promoting the same fraud.

What is neowintech?

No products belong to Neowintech. Neowintech partners with financial providers to offer you a modern range of financial products.

Neowintech looks like an attept to generate leads for IBAN Wallet scam and possibly - other unrelated services.

And this is from IBAN wallet, basically - the same offer:

When I try to sign up and enter my email, I get redirected to IBAN wallet:

Who is behind this?

  • New Generation Market SIA is mentioned as company

  • Contis Financial Services Limited is mentioned as e-money provider

Now let’s compare it to

The same company - New Generation Market SIA, but a different e-money provider.

Fake partners for more trust?

It is interesting that this neowintech page also lists services that are created with partnership with existing, real companies. For example, pension plans:

And investment funds:

But if you try to sign up, you still go to, so either these partnerships are fake, or they are just later selling leads to these unrelated companies.

Stay away

In short - neowintech is the same scam created by the same IBAN wallet team, and if you don’t want to lose your money, stay away. If you missed previous posts about IBAN wallet fraud, read them here:

Key Takeaways

  1. Neowintech is another name for the same IBAN wallet scam

  2. Neowintech is using a new payment provider: Contis Financial Services Limited

  3. Neowintech is advertising potentially fake partnerships to increase trust

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