Envestio – what is behind high-yielding projects?

In last couple of years I have tried out different P2P platforms – Mintos, Twino, Swaper, Viainvest, EstateGuru, NEO Finance, but have always had a strange feeling about 2 of them: Kuetzal and Envestio – I saw that they had many projects from Latvia, offered much higher returns, but some of the listed projects just did not make any sense to me, so I did not even try to invest there.

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Hi, Kristaps! Here Sergejs from SIA Spade. I guess we talked on the phone. Shall we meet so I give you answers to all you concerns? We can meet on the construction site also.

Hey Kriss.You are misquoting my article. Please read it again, specifically the following answer by Eugene Kukin:
“all mortgages and pledges [are] registered to the name of Envestio SI OU” (and not Envestio Collateral Agent OU)

Thank you so much for helping bringing clarity to Envestio and it’s projects Kristaps.

When I wrote the text below in my monthly update, it was not just sweet talk to promote the project.

“We also met the Mezaparks borrower who told us everything about the renovation project. Very inspiring guy who gave sharp, detailed and fast answer to all our questions. He expects the renovation to be finished in May 2020, it would be fun to come back to see the final result!”

We were 3 guys and we discussed Sergejs as a person afterwards and everyone agreed that he was a real businessman indeed. From your summary, it seems like you agree.

I hope you’ll continue your critical approach with any platform. If there’s serious problems with any other P2P/P2B platform they should be revealed as soon as possible.

Regarding the Fish and Seafood project, where Envestio i owner. I wrote an email to Eugene on March 19th 2019 and asked why I was not informed about this project. I saw it on the project page and it was already funded.

Eugene answered: “It’s a partner project, so it was not advertised to Envestio audience (as you see, it is also showing Envestio SI as the investment project owner). However, we may later launch similar type projects also by ourselves, and those will be available for investing.”

So, no investors had a chance to invest in the project, it was published with status funded. I guess they posted it because they have been used to being a private investment fund, and wanted to publish it to be transparent of their activities. It’s the only project of it’s kind on Envestio.

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