What happens when your app is featured on Google Play?

Prime Peaks is a fun racing game, available both on iOS and Android. On Sep 20th we released a new version, adding Dark Caves levels and Rock Crusher vehicle:


Since then we got featured in Google Play store – in Home, Games and Racing categories:

Screenshot 2017-10-08 13.01.50

So what are the results in terms of new users and revenue?

New installs increased by 10 times

The doted line in the bottom shows installs from previous 30 day period (Aug 10th to Sep 8th) – and during that time Prime Peaks got about 1500-5000 new installs per day.

After getting featured new installs per day have grown to almost 30 000:

Statistics - Prime Peaks - Google Play Console

Top countries where Prime Peaks got installs on Oct 6, 2017:

Statistics - Prime Peaks - installs by countries

Daily active users increased by 5 times

Daily active users from Android devices have grown from 14 000  to 71 000:

Analytics – Prime Peaks – Active users 2017-10-08 12-05-26

Revenue increased by 10 times

Daily revenue from Android users went up from $50 to $500:

Analytics – Prime Peaks – Revenue 2017-10-08 12-16-40

What about iOS downloads?

Amount of daily active users from iOS has not changed, so getting a big spike in Google Play downloads has no effect on iOS users:

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