Karostas Mezgls 2014 Liepāja

Karostas Mezgls is a 6.5km run that includes 30+ obstacles. A bit similar to Stipro Skrējiens, but the race track has more hills (elevation gain: 159m) and is going around a small lake “Beberliņi” in Liepāja. It is a new race and was organised only 2nd time, so it had a small number of participants – and that is a good thing, because unlike in Stipro Skrējiens – here you don’t have hundreds of people starting together and then getting stuck at many obstacles. It also feels more connected to nature – because most of the time you are running through forest, and there are many natural obstacles.

Unfortunately I did not participate in the race myself, but helped Kristīne to get there. I had my GoPro with me, so I started shooting the first obstacles, and as I moved further along the track – I realized that I could actually film most of the distance. It ended up with me running till the finish line along Kristine. Did not plan to do it, but it was really fun, even if I avoided most of obstacles.

If you enjoy this kind of stuff, sign up for Karostas Mezgls next year – as long as it is not too crowded, you will have a great time! And if you don’t want to suffer too much, think about liquids – either drink right before start, or carry some water with you, or maybe get someone to hand you water in the middle of race. Also it might be a good idea to wear light knee pads.

Screenshot 2014-09-30 04.22.17

Thanks to Liepājas Vieglatlētikas klubs for organising this event, and all the volunteers – they were very polite and friendly. You can find more info about the race at, and check out the Endomondo activity – if you want to see it on the map.

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