Party on a 200m high Adata tower in Kuldiga

I am so busy with work and other stuff in the last few weeks that I missed my own birthday and did not throw a big party this year. And maybe that was a good decision, because last year it got too crazy and involved trashing one apartment & walking over the roof of an embassy car.

So this year my birthday passsed and I ignored it, but one evening I discussed the idea of climbing the 200m high Adata tower in Kuldiga with my friends – and we decided to have a small party there, if we really get to the top. After watching some youtube videos, reading Eriks blog post about his experience climbing up and other forum posts, we got a bit scared. It seemed that the tower was in a bad shape and could have an alarm system. But we were so excited that we had to try.

There was a fence around the tower with some security stickers, but we did not see any sensors or cameras, so we ignored that. And when starting the climb – there is a locked hatch and some barbed wire, but it was quite easy to get around it. Afterwards – it gets better and for the most part it does not feel too scary.

We got till the top in about 1 hour, and the views are amazing – we spent about 1-2h on the top, and of course – had a small celebration with cake and champagne. Karlis had also brought a carbine hook and rope, so we tested his skills to tie the rope and my courage to hang on to it while being on the other side of railings. My hands were shaking a bit afterwards, but the adrenaline rush was worth it 🙂



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