El Camino de Santiago – Day 5

Today we had several possible routes – some were longer, some shorter. As we were not following our original plan and lagged behind, we chose the easiest and shortest routes, that allowed us to get to Santander in one day and included 2 boat rides over rivers.

The weather was cloudy, but with no rain. In first part of day we passed some small towns. In one of them we stopped at a supermarket to buy breakfast – our favourite food was a baguette with tuna and Mini Oreo cookies.

In one town we saw an interesting view – looked like a construction site turned into a goat farm.

Most of the time we were riding along the coast and saw some nice beaches.

After about 4h we reached Santoña – not a big city, but with a very large beach that stretched many kilometres. If the weather would be better, we would probably have stopped here for a break.

We took a small boat to get us over river. Here we did some shopping again – bought some food and also visited a bike store to buy oil for the bike chains, that were getting too loud.

The next 23km to Güemes were very easy – almost flat road, so we got there quite fast, and from there continued to Somo where we took another boat that took us to Santander.

We arrived in Santander early and found an albergue at about 17, and even if people are allowed to check-in only from 16, it was already full – all the beds were taken. But that is not an issue in most of albergues – we got mattresses and slept on the floor, and people that came later, slept in the kitchen.

To stay here, it costed 10 EUR + 3 EUR for bikes, but this albergue had some nice features – free WiFi, breakfast included, and there was a washing machine and dryer, which we used to get our clothes clean again.

We went out only to eat, because we had already spent a day in Santander before our Santiago trip, when our flight arrived here. Some photos:


Route of Day 5:
Castro Urdiales > Santoña 34km
Santoña > Güemes 23km
Güemes > Santander 15km
Today: 72km, total: 300km

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