El Camino de Santiago – Day 4

There was a small issue with one of the bikes, so in the morning we visited a bike service shop. The owner did not speak english, but understood what we wanted from our gestures and in few minutes we were ready to go to Portugalete. We got there quite fast – no mountains, just flat city roads.

The top thing in Portugalete is a suspension bridge over the Nervión. It is a unique structure, it is the only one of its kind in the world, you get on a small platform – and then it is moved to the other side of the river.

On our way from Bilbao we used the same roads as cars, but from Portugalete we continued on nice bike paths that lead to La Arena beach. We stopped there to eat, but just like in many other places – you could get lunch only after 13, so we had about an hour to spend at the beach. It was very hot – if you walked barefoot, the sand would burn your feet, but the beach was very nice. I did a 1.5km swim and after lunch and a beer we continued our trip.

Saw some horses again, looked like these were waiting for people:

And after about 3,5h we arrived in Castro Urdiales – the city centre is not big, but it has everything you could wish for – nice sights, many street cafes and several beaches very near.

This place was my second favorite after San Sebastian – it had very nice spots for jumping in the water – kids were using every object – towers, bridges and other surfaces to do some impressive jumps.

This bridge got the most attention:

Finding albergue was a small challenge again – we lost the yellow arrows, but you could see other pilgrims quite often – so we just followed their direction and found the albergue – it was outside the centre, and the beds inside were taken, but there were some tents set up outside, so we slept there. Tents were equipped with mattresses and blankets, so in the end – it was more comfortable to sleep there than inside and listen to other people snorring.

Just as we went to sleep, a storm started with heavy rain. Packed my stuff in bags in case it got wet inside, but the tent was quite good and we could sleep very well.

Route of Day 4:
Bilbao > Portugalete, 16km
Portugalete > La Arena beach, 13km
La Arena > Castro Urdiales, 26km
Today: 55km, total: 228km

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