El Camino de Santiago – Day 3

There was a storm in the night, but the morning was very calm and sunny. The road to Gernika was through forests and small towns. When we passed this donkey, we met an old lady who was also walking the Camino – she was taking a break, but when we took our break – she passed us, and then after a while we passed her again.

But then we got to a place, where the path was very steep, had slippery rocks and was not suited at all for bikes, and the old lady passed us again. So in the first few hours our speed was very similar to those who walked.

It took us about 4h to get to Gernika, the way was not so hard as the day before, but still quite challenging.

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 11.35.33 PM

We did not spend much time in Gernika, just took a small break and continued to our next destination – Bilbao.

If the elevation gain to Gernika was 575m, then to Bilbao it was 444m – so a bit less, but as we chose also to take more bike friendly roads, then we were able to cycle instead of pushing our bike up and down. Thanks to this decision we were able to get to Bilbao in less than 4h.

Around 1 million of people live in Bilbao, so it is a very big city. There were nice sights, monuments, impressive church buildings, but as we were very tired, we wanted first to find the local albergue, get a shower and only then check out the city.

But it was not as easy as we were hoping – hilly streets and the yellow arrows were leading us through whole city, and sometimes the yellow arrows were missing. We did about 6km and got to the other side of city, when we finally saw a yellow arrow with “A” letter – meaning that it leads to an albergue.

Don’t have any photos from albergue – but it was outside of centre, up in a hill. There was a nice view over the city.

The albergue was very nice – manager spoke good english, it had plenty of space, small breakfast, and there was a washing machine as well a clothing dryer available.

Outside of albergue we met a 32 years old guy from Austria, who works as a kindergarten teacher and this was his 3rd Camino. We went together with him back to city centre for lunch. But as the centre was few km away, and it was getting late, we needed to get back to albergue quite soon.

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 11.37.49 PM

Route of Day 3:
Markina-Xemein > Gernika-Lumo, 26km
Gernika-Lumo > Bilbao, 34km
Bilbao > Albergue, 6km
Today: 66km, total: 173km

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