Camping and my first triathlon

Made a small video from the last day of 3-day camping party at a lake near Subate.

It was great to spend 3 days outside, but the most exciting part for me was triathlon training – on Saturday did a 1.5km swim in the lake, then rode a bicycle for 40km, and finished with 5km run – total time 2h27m, and if I can believe Garmin – then I burned almost 1700 calories.

You can see my activities here:

  1. Swim 1.5km –
  2. Bike 40km –
  3. Run 5km –

Couple of things I noticed in training:

  • after getting out of water, my coordination was not as expected – it was hard to stand still, put on my shirt and shoes fast. I guess this is the reason, why had a special training for changing horizontal/vertical positions –
  • my transition time from swim to bike was 3 minutes, but it should have been less than 1 minute. It took so long because I fell 2-3 times from the bike – which was a bit funny, but annoying. I should have attached my shoes to the pedals and switched to lower gear beforehand, because the start was uphill.
  • in the middle – after about 20km bike I was running out of energy, need to think about using some gels during so long workouts
  • it is important to monitor the heart rate – it went up very fast on the bike right after swimming, and also when running I had to slow down several times to avoid too high heart rate

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