Hail storm in Riga

Met with Eriks to go for a bike ride, it was very hot outside – nearly +30 C, and when wind began to blow, we expected some rain, but instead got hit with quite big ice balls.

Photo 18.05.13 16 21 58

It was a bit painful and as we had no place to hide, then we had some fun waiting for storm to get over.

Afterwards the streets were flooded and looked like this:

Photo 18.05.13 16 33 26

But the best part was only later – riding back home, when streets were full of branches, water, ice balls. As I was completely wet, I took of my shirt, but maybe should not have done it – at one point I fell from the bike and did a bodyslide on the asphalt. And you can see the result below 🙂


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